Employment Opportunities: 53 ART Nurse Positions at HJFMRI in Mbeya

Employment Opportunities: 53 ART Nurse Positions at HJFMRI in Mbeya


Join us in our mission to fortify and institutionalize monitoring and evaluation systems within the SHL (Southern Highlands) region to enhance the efficient mobilization of resources for HIV and AIDS support.


HJF Medical Research International, Inc. Tanzania (HJFMRI-T) is a collaborative initiative that extends support to PEPFAR-funded HIV Prevention, Care, and Treatment initiatives in the Southern Highlands region and the Tanzania People’s Defense Forces (TPDF) encompassing 21 facilities. Operating as a local non-profit entity, HJFMRI-T has championed these efforts since 2004, facilitated by the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR). Our PEPFAR endeavors are conducted in close partnership with the Tanzania Ministry of Health and the President’s Office of the Regional Administration and Local Government (PORALG) through the Regional Administrative Secretary.

Our Mission:

HJFMRI-T is dedicated to providing care and treatment to individuals affected by HIV/AIDS, actively participating in HIV and AIDS programming by offering resources, personnel, and services in the Southern Highlands Zone regions, including Mbeya, Rukwa, Katavi, Songwe, and Ruvuma (VMMC Only). Additionally, we extend our support to TPDF for the comprehensive implementation of an HIV Prevention, Care, and Treatment program across 21 Military sites throughout the country.

Recruitment Procedures:

All prospective HJFMRI partners supported staff, including candidates for various positions, adhere to the standard recruitment procedures established by the Government of Tanzania. These procedures include advertising and interviews, with exceptions for specific roles such as Expert Clients and Mom to Mom, which follow a distinct procedure set by the Ministry of Health.

Job Details:

  • Job Title: ART Nurse (53 Positions)
  • Reporting to: CTC In-charge and HJFMRI
  • Terms of Employment: One-year contract
  • Salary: TGHS B

Position Overview:

The ART Nurse, under the direct supervision of the CTC In-charge, plays a pivotal role in providing HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment, and support services to clients within the supported districts. Responsibilities include ensuring compliance with protocol and HIV management guidelines for Tanzania. ART Nurses are stationed at specific facilities designated by district authorities and are responsible for providing ART and counseling services, as well as meticulously documenting all client-related activities and services.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that CTC clients receive services in alignment with HIV guidelines.
  • Coordinate and provide comprehensive adherence counseling to clients before and throughout ART initiation.
  • Conduct HIV testing services (HTS) using screening tools at OPD settings.
  • Offer assisted partner notification services for index clients.
  • Collaborate with facility staff to ensure the successful implementation of the Linkage case management model.
  • Provide post-test counseling for identified HIV-positive individuals.
  • Supervise and coordinate lay counselors to ensure the attachment, follow-up, and enrollment of all identified HIV-positive clients into ART.
  • Offer initial adherence counseling services to newly diagnosed clients.
  • Assess, document, follow up, and report on all client referrals.
  • Administer HIV screening tools for PITC to all clients attending OPD and other entry points.
  • Screen pediatric clients for optimized PITC using specific tools.
  • Ensure all positive pediatric clients receive optimized ART.
  • Facilitate HIV disclosure and adherence among pediatric clients.
  • Participate in children Saturday clinics and teen clubs to enhance adherence and viral suppression.
  • Ensure the availability of pediatric job aids, posters, and working tools.
  • Promote HIV viral load sample collection and proper documentation.
  • Screen all clients for TB and initiate IPT for eligible clients with appropriate documentation.
  • Screen HIV-positive women for Cervical Cancer and initiate treatment for those diagnosed.
  • Collaborate with the CTC In-charge to coordinate and monitor care and treatment services, RCH/PMTCT activities, early infant diagnosis (EID), and TB/HIV collaborative initiatives.
  • Provide telephone support and appointment reminders for clients with cell phones.
  • Offer counseling on HIV-status disclosure and partner/family testing, addressing barriers to care.
  • Prepare and submit daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports to the relevant authorities.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor.


  • Diploma in Nursing from a recognized institution and registration with the relevant professional body in Tanzania.
  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience in providing HIV/AIDS clinical care in Tanzania or previous experience in HIV/AIDS care and treatment.
  • Proficiency in English and Kiswahili.
  • Willingness to work at the designated station full-time (100%).

Key Personal Competencies:

  • Self-motivated with a high level of initiative.
  • A team player with strong interpersonal skills.

How to Apply:

Interested candidates should submit their applications to conf@mbeya.go.tz. All applications must include a cover letter, curriculum vitae (CV), and copies of academic certificates. Please include your full name and the position you are applying for in the email subject line.

Additionally, complete the application form at the following link for your application to be considered: Application Form

The application deadline is October 6, 2023. Successful candidates will be required to present their original certificates during interviews.

General Application Requirements:

  • “Testimonials” “Provisional Results,” and “Statement of Results” will not be accepted.
  • Retired or terminated public service employees should not apply.
  • Applicants who completed their studies outside of Tanzania should provide confirmation of their qualifications from the authorized body.
  • Legal action will be taken against applicants who submit forged or falsified information/documents.
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