SSEQ Lead (Tanzania) - Alistair Group | Dar es Salaam Job Vacancy

HSSEQ Lead (Tanzania)

Location: Dar es Salaam

Company: Alistair Group

Alistair Group is dedicated to enhancing our clients’ businesses throughout Africa by delivering comprehensive logistics solutions ourselves.

Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, United Republic of

Supervisor: Head of HSSEQ (Group)

Location: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


  • Minimum of a bachelor’s degree.
  • Certification equivalent to NEBOSH or SAMTRAC.
  • Profound understanding of Integrated Management Systems | ISO 9001, 14001 & ISO 45001
  • Experience in auditing ISO 9001, 14001 & ISO 45001.
  • Over 5 years of work experience.
  • Proficiency in logistics and lifting operations.

Role Responsibilities

As the HSSEQ Lead, your key responsibilities include:

Managing day-to-day operations within the HSSEQ department, and contributing to the effective implementation of Health, Safety, and Environmental management by offering technical support.

Advocating continual improvement, fostering humility, and championing safety throughout the country.

Actively supporting and upholding Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Quality standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & ISO 45001.

Assisting in compliance reviews, conducting general risk assessments, and other safety evaluations to bolster HSSEQ.

Overseeing HSSEQ Programs, Policies, and Procedures, and maintaining accurate records and documentation.

Reviewing all documentation in line with yearly review schedules.

Assisting in ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Conducting HSSEQ Inspections and generating weekly and monthly HSSEQ reports as needed.

Providing guidance and advice on HSSEQ matters, making recommendations to the company.

Participating in thorough incident investigations and Root Cause Analysis.

Promoting incident prevention for the well-being of employees and visitors.

Assisting in developing and delivering pertinent HSSEQ training.

Adhering to HSSEQ regulations, ensuring the use of required safety equipment, encouraging safe work practices, and promptly addressing or reporting any obvious hazards.

Cultivating positive and proactive relationships with managers, employees, customers, and regulatory agencies.

Overseeing all waste management activities and the implementation of site-specific waste management plans.

Developing site-specific emergency response plans and conducting related training.

Ensuring that all tasks are subject to risk assessment, with job risk assessments generated as necessary.

Regularly traveling to other locations for meetings, training sessions, inspections, and other relevant activities.


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