BEI YA MAFUTA IMESHUKA Petroleum Product Prices in Tanzania - December 2023

BEI YA MAFUTA IMESHUKA Petroleum Product Prices in Tanzania - December 2023

Petroleum Product Prices in Tanzania - December 2023 

BEI YAMAFUTA IMESHUKA prices Petroleum Product Prices in Tanzania - December 2023 

The new prices are influenced by a combination of global market trends, fluctuations in crude oil prices, and currency exchange rates. These factors collectively impact the overall cost of petroleum products, and the adjustments are made to ensure a fair and transparent pricing structure.

Petroleum Product Prices (Per Liter):

1. Petrol (Gasoline): TZS 3158

2. Diesel: TZS 3226

3. Kerosene: TZS 3423

Tips to save fuel

1. Regular vehicle maintenance

2. Consider carpooling or using public transportation

3. Embrace fuel-efficient driving habits



In the heartbeat of East Africa lies a regulatory force quietly shaping the nation's energy and water narrative – the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority, affectionately known as EWURA. Today, let's embark on a journey to uncover the intricate web of responsibilities and initiatives that make EWURA a linchpin in Tanzania's sustainable development.


1. Guardians of Standards:

   At its core, EWURA serves as the guardian of standards within Tanzania's energy and water sectors. From ensuring fair competition to setting stringent quality benchmarks, this regulatory authority meticulously crafts the rules that govern the provision of these vital services.

2. Balancing Act:

   Striking a delicate balance between consumer interests and the well-being of service providers, EWURA stands as a mediator in the energy and water arena. Through transparent practices and a commitment to fairness, the authority creates an environment where both consumers and providers can thrive.

3. Embracing Renewable Energy:

   In response to the global call for sustainable practices, EWURA is championing the integration of renewable energy sources into Tanzania's energy landscape. By promoting solar, wind, and other clean energy solutions, the authority is steering the nation towards a greener, more environmentally conscious future.

4. Consumer-Centric Approach:

   Beyond regulations, EWURA places a strong emphasis on protecting the rights of consumers. Transparent pricing mechanisms, quality control measures, and efficient dispute resolution mechanisms ensure that Tanzanians receive reliable, affordable, and high-quality energy and water services.

5. Driving Innovation:

   EWURA recognizes that staying relevant in the 21st century requires innovation. Through support for research, development, and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, the authority catalyzes an industry that is not just compliant but forward-thinking and adaptable.

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